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friends only !


From now on my journal will be friends only sorry ;)

 I won't add you back if you add me first and without asking.
I add everyone you just have to ask, just so I know you and so I can see If we have something on common :)
If you are looking for my graphics you can find them at prettymuchcrazy .
[Movie] Happy Holly

friends cut done!


friends cut done!
If you can't se this entry,please remove me from your f-list.

I've cut a lot of people so maybe some of them are a mistake.
If you think I made a mistake by cutting you and you don't want me to,
please leave a comment and I'll add you right back! =)

Also I'd like to say that there are people who have stayed but they should've been out...
So If I feel like the relationship is totally one sided, I'll cut those ones to.

I haven't cut nobody new, I'd like to give new people a chance :)

[Movie] Happy Holly

friends cut

WARNING 2 : poximamente Friends cut
( I'll make a friends cut in a while...)

So in a few days I'm going to make a friends cut, either because I don't comment your entries or you don't comment mine, or because we don't have that much on common or you've been on a long hiatus etc ...

I really love you all but I want to have a smaller flist with people I can actually talk to and have a closer relationship and that stuff , so If you feel like I'm going to cut you and you don't want to or anything, please coment here ( comments are screened )

[Movie] Happy Holly

New Layout

"If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal."
Hola flist! ¿Que tal estais?
Yo un poco quemada porque es la mil millonesima vez que intento que el HTML no se ria en mi cara ¬¬
Además de eso se que no posteo tanto como dije, pero estoy de examenes hasta arriba y solo quiero que el mes de enero termine YA!
También esta el hecho de que mi vida es tan interesante como la de una piedra xDD
He cambiado mi layout con la ayuda delianna_91  que es un amor ♥ y me ha ayudado con el CSS.
Además tengo muchisimas ganas de que empiece la nueva temporada YAY! ( aunque me ha sorprendido que el primer capi este basado en Thomas la verdad xD ) podeís ver el lay aquí an_aiko (obviamente)

Tamién me voy a unir a la campaña ( o como quieras llamarlo xD ) de x_rose_tyler_x para que veaís community,
porque esta genial y te partes en cada capitulo , en serio, no os arrepentireis! también os recomiendo modern family que también tiene su puntito, no mola tanto como community pero también te ries, solo duran 20 minutejos, no perdeis nada ! es más you will win at life! =)

Espero que esteís todos genialosamente! Aunque sabeis que aunque no soy la persona que más entradas hace siempre leo las vuestras ^^


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[Movie] Happy Holly


Hi there people ! I've decided to make a new comm to post my graphics ( that way maybe I'll make them more often V.V )
So please , come on in and join! ^^ and also ... pimp like whoa if you can xDDD

Also ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved friend
¡¡ Felices 18 guapisimaa !! =)